Peter Jensen is the contemporary daywear designer known for his quietly unconventional aesthetic and witty, wearable creations. For more than 15 years, Jensen has established a much-loved international brand through thoughtful, feminine garments. Based in London, but with a Scandinavian sensibility, Jensen’s inventive approach offers confidently simple pieces in hand-picked fabrics with impeccable production.

Born in Denmark in 1969, and trained in graphic design, embroidery and tailoring, the designer graduated from Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design and founded the Peter Jensen brand in 1999. Since then, he has grown a loyal following of fashion fans, style editors, buyers, and influencers of all ages who love Jensen’s fresh, intelligent take on womenswear. He has appeared on schedule at London Fashion Week since 2001 with a series of celebrated catwalk shows, installations, and artful projects.

Jensen’s four annual collections are inspired, in part, by an archive of muses : compelling women who are often fascinatingly obscure. In this way, Jensen looks beyond the obvious and is instead drawn to the other, abandoning the leading lady for the more interesting, unpredictable woman who is just out of the spotlight.

There is a charming lack of pretension in Jensen’s designs, and a refreshing straightforwardness. His aim for each piece – usually branded with his delightful rabbit motif – is that it becomes a beloved part of the wearer’s wardrobe, helping underline personal style rather than undermining it. This approach showcases Jensen’s lightness of touch and his skill in creating pretty, upbeat, and often unisex pieces that always feel individual and unique.

The Peter Jensen brand has a rich history of creative collaboration and breezily leftfield projects that push the limits of fashion design. Working with artists and illustrators, photographers, musicians, milliners, and other fashion brands reveal the designer’s multidisciplinary viewpoint.

Jensen’s acclaimed solo exhibitions have popped up in numerous international galleries, museums, and boutiques, and his most iconic garments have been added to the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Amongst many accolades, in 2009 Jensen received the Danish Arts Council award, usually reserved for fine artists, and a book to celebrate the brand’s 10th  birthday was published in 2011. Also, as a visiting lecturer, course leader, and mentor, Jensen has worked with the next generation of designers through major fashion institutions in Denmark and the UK.

Through attention to detail, design confidence, creative brilliance and subtle humour, Peter Jensen has created a forward-thinking and charismatic modern brand.